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Ke Wei that: such a frequently mentioned words, we should see how the effect to the customer? How to cater to their consumer demand? Ke Wei has been in response to practical action, to customers want to first, to the needs of customers; whether design or material, Ke Wei to excellence, self-discipline, will not allow themselves to let any one small as dust Of the details. To quality of survival is our belief. Ke Wei in the highly competitive market has made a place, depends on product quality, customer service quality has been the concern and recognition, the most important thing is that we have a visible and sincere heart.


Competition in the final analysis of the product is the character of the competition, enterprises need to have first-class employees, but also need to have a first-class character. Only in this way, the enterprise can create a first-class products, give customers the best quality service, first-class brand, first-class service is the arise spontaneously.


Department, Wei adhere to the product quality within 48 hours and came to solve the one-year warranty, two year warranty, permanent maintenance "service commitment, allowing users to worry about.

Values:integrity and quality of win-win innovatio

Branch Wei operating principles: product that character, that is, the quality of life

Ke Wei business philosophy: quality of survival, service and development

Branch Wei concept of service: integrity of life, it is work, with a grateful heart for customer service