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Clean air conditioning system2016-10-12
A clean room and the amount of dust generated by toxic gas equipment should be set up local exhaust and dust-proof device, should also take measures of relative negative pressure.Two exhaust system should have anti-intrusion measures. Such as placement in
What kind of ventilation cabinet is healthy2016-10-12
A common fume hood, working 8-10 hours a day, will be discharged per hour 1200-1500 cubic meters of laboratory air. To ensure the accuracy of the experiment, the laboratory must be equipped with air-conditioning system to maintain constant temperature and
General knowledge of fume hood operation2016-10-12
1, adding reagents, mix it, so as not to place a long time concentration uneven. Cryopreservation of the reagent is to wait for all the melted before use. 2, reagents label to write on the preparation of the name and date, date not only to include the mo