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Graduate School

Ke Wei has been in response to practical action, customer-first, to customer needs; whether the design or choice, so very satisfied with the Institute of Oceanography.

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Sun Yat - sen University

Ke Wei for the custom laboratory ventilation system, has been praised and affirmed, we will continue to implement the quality of survival, service and development of the business philosophy for the majority of customer service.

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Ke Wei laboratory equipment first

According to the actual laboratory space requirements, tailored to maximize the use of space, praised by the Institute of Geochemistry.

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British schools

With the deepening of our impression on the concept of green environmental protection, the existing many business units, have strengthened their own green building products to obtain recognition of the British school in Guangzhou.

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Modern Hospital of praise

Ke Wei in accordance with the requirements of different customers, according to the actual laboratory space needs, were tailored to maximize the use of space, and get the praise of modern hospitals.

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