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Trespa in the laboratory furniture is what to do2016-10-12
Trespa is a phenolic resin impregnated in kraft paper or wood fiber, the high temperature and pressure in the hardening of the thermosetting phenolic resin plate. Because of its uniform structure, dense, so the board is very strong at any point. The surfa
Laboratory of how to deal with waste equipment2016-10-12
Repair, when the second-hand equipment to sell or give as gifts; Second, dismantling, the best use; Third, do not want to toss directly into the waste shop good; The best can be sold at a discount, can not be sold only when the waste sold, in order to ma
Washing methods for chemical laboratory glassware2016-10-12
Use detergent, detergent Commonly used in the laboratory beaker, conical flask, cylinder and other general glassware, brush can be used to dip some detergent or detergent detergent scrub. Decontamination powder is made of sodium carbonate, clay, sand and
Laboratory ventilation products and fans2016-10-12
Laboratory ventilation system products usually include: fume hood, universal suction hood, atomic absorption hood, desktop exhaust hood, and its partners with fans, air duct, muffler, air valve and so on.
Talking about the Safety Cabinet of Laboratory Equipment2016-10-12
Biosafety cabinets are mainly used for the protection of operators conducting biological experiments. For some of the biological culture and fungi culture experiments often produce some pollutants, these pollutants can not be easily discharged, the emerge
How to choose high-quality laboratory furniture?2016-10-12
The choice of laboratory furniture is different from the general civilian furniture, its practicality, safety is the main factor to consider when choosing. So we need to pay attention to what aspects of the layout of the laboratory plan? 1, to the labor
Laboratory furniture commonly used sheet2016-10-12
Laboratory furniture, a variety of plates, according to the different needs of the body tailored to the laboratory. Now a small bell to tell us about the laboratory commonly used sheet metal and their own characteristics:
Food Testing and Testing Physical and Chemical Laboratory Planning2016-10-12
Laboratory layout planning 1, the laboratory functional room planning According to the instrument configuration and laboratory room function division, the need for the following independent laboratory and the use of basic requirements: 1. Physical and Ch