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Points for Attention in Safe Use of2016-10-12
Hood in the use of safety should be noted: Safety is the biggest mission of the pursuit of ventilation cabinet, laboratory use ventilation cabinet is to ensure the safety of users and to prevent pollution of the surrounding environment.
Trespa in the laboratory furniture is what to do2016-10-12
Trespa is a phenolic resin impregnated in kraft paper or wood fiber, the high temperature and pressure in the hardening of the thermosetting phenolic resin plate. Because of its uniform structure, dense, so the board is very strong at any point. The surfa
Clean workstations operating midway encounter how to deal with power outages2016-10-12
Clean bench advantage is simple and comfortable operation, more comfortable, high efficiency, short preparation time, boot more than ten minutes to operate, basically ready to use. In the factory production, the vaccination work is very large, often need
Attentive Problems in the Construction of Agricultural Product Testing Laboratories2016-10-12
The purpose of the construction of agricultural testing laboratories is to detect the quality of agricultural products for the producers and consumers and government to provide scientific and accurate quality data for the entire social service laborat
Ultra-clean table flow rate will not prevent the use of alcohol lamps2016-10-12
Ultra-clean table is the most common one, and it can be divided into outside the cold plate table, all stainless steel table, mobile worktable, adjustable table these four categories, each category has its own Features. Here we have a comprehensive introd
Nitrogen blowing instrument concentrated toxic solvents should be placed in the fume hood2016-10-12
The role of nitrogen blowing instrument: 1. Pesticide analysis: vegetables, fruits, cereals, plant tissues, etc. 2. Pharmaceutical drug testing: Chinese medicine and drug testing 3. Environmental analysis: drinking water, groundwater, contaminated water 4
Detox cabinet in use must also pay attention to safety2016-10-12
It is important to confirm that the detox cabinet should be in operation before the experiment can begin. At least 5 minutes before the end of the experiment, the fan must be switched off to remove residual gas from the pipeline. Also consider
Proper use and maintenance of glassware2016-10-12
1: If there is a run-piece phenomenon, adjust the tension shaft at one end of the driven shaft. 2: If the network with the phenomenon of jitter, should be checked conveyor and conveyor tunnel with or without corrosion rejection roller phenomenon, one by