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Fume hoods-KWTFG002
Product Category: fume hood
Product Type: KWTFG002
Quality cold-rolled steel plate by Baosteel, after the CNC lathe
Cutting, punching, folding and other processes. And by electrolysis, phosphating,
Epoxy powder electrostatic spraying, curing, smooth surface
, Good corrosion resistance;
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product material description
Countertop: the laboratory for solid core physical and chemical plate, high temperature, corrosion resistance,
Windows: high-quality steel explosion-proof safety glass, non-polar balance weight design, hover anywhere
Hood: one piece of polymer material conical hood, tapered structure, the wall is smooth, with good gas gathering and low pressure loss, the surface coating epoxy resin anti-acid.
Cabinet: Cold - rolled steel plate foreign body through the spray;

Specifications: 1200 (/ 1500/1800) * 800 * 2350mm

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