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Gangmu side Taiwan-KYJJ004
Product Category: Laboratory Furniture
Product Type: KYJJ004
Steel and wood structure to the edge of the test-bed to steel frame as the main body, suspension
Wood cabinet, load-bearing capacity is good, the overall adjustable strong, alone
High-standing, diversified styles, can be any combination, with strong
Strong of the times, nice, is the first choice for various types of laboratories.
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product material description
     Size: 3000 * 750 * 850mm (L * W * H)
      Steel frame: 40 * 60 * 1.5mm rectangular steel pipe welded from C / H-type steel structure, the surface treated by external spray epoxy powder spray.
      Countertops: laboratory-specific anti-acid and alkali corrosion of the physical and chemical board countertops.
      Cabinet: the use of under-care suspension structure, moisture-proof design, cabinet door color and diverse, with different laboratory style.