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Steel Central Station-KYJJ002
Product Category: Laboratory Furniture
Product Type: KYJJ002
All steel structure central test-bed, 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate through the mold
One molding, the phosphate treatment by pickling, the surface static by epoxy resin
Electric powder coating, the overall stable and reasonable, anti-acid corrosion resistance
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product material description
       Size: 3000 * 1500 * 850mm (L * W * H)
       Steel cabinet: 1.0mm cold-rolled steel surface by epoxy electrostatic powder coating, flat town is not smooth hand injury, a variety of accessories installed tight, smooth, correct and firm.
       Countertops: laboratory-specific anti-acid and alkali corrosion of the physical and chemical board countertops.
       Cabinet style: hanging cabinet / floor cabinet flexible and optional, to meet the needs of different experimental environments.


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