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All steel utensils cabinet-
Product Category: aluminum wood laboratory high cabinet
Product Type: KYQM001
The cabinet is made of cold rolled steel plate with thickness of 1.2mm. All the surfaces of the cabinet are treated by electrostatic spraying of EPOXY RESIN powder. It has anti-acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. A layer of steel plate buckle support, height can be adjusted, 13mm can move up and down, bearing 30kg.
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product material description
1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel, the surface by spraying, anti-acid corrosion
Door panels
Four doors, the upper and lower glass door
5mm thick anti-fold plate, opening 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm
One-piece bent handle or stainless steel matt handle

L * w * h: 900 (or 1200) * 450 * 1800 mm

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