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All steel drug cabinets-KYYP001
Product Category: aluminum wood laboratory high cabinet
Product Type: KYPP001
PP drug cabinet with strong acid resistance, strong alkaline corrosion resistance characteristics. For the storage of toxic and corrosive chemicals in the laboratory.
To the smallest space, store the most items, only the three-dimensional space, PP-free exhaust medicine cabinet is absolutely necessary choice.
Applicable to all types of laboratories: drug laboratories, food laboratories, semiconductor laboratories, trace metal laboratories, biological laboratories, electronic laboratories and other chemical laboratory.

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product material description

product name
PP drugs counters
Using 8mm thick porcelain white imported raw materials PP board production, with excellent corrosion resistance, the same color welding electrode seamless welding to ensure that the cabinet of the solid and sealed.
Using homogeneous PP board production, the window part of the PS transparent plate production, both solid and beautiful.
The use of homogeneous PP board production, the four sides do protrusions designed to prevent spill; bottom with a vertical reinforcement of the overall welding shape, to ensure that its weight will not be deformed. Laminates for the activities, can be arbitrarily extracted.
Door handle
It is made of injection molding PP material, good corrosion resistance. (Color optional)
Door hinge
It is made of injection molding PP material, good corrosion resistance. (Color optional)
5mm tempered glass; can be adjusted according to the indoor floor height of the cabinet; beautiful appearance, the design of human nature.
PP material (optional stainless steel 304 material, so resistant to acid, alkali, chemical corrosion protection treatment.)
ABS material (optional).
Warning labels
Open the door with a warning label to remind the crowd around the attention to safety.
Can be used for storage of various corrosive chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, sulfuric acid and so on.


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