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All steel drug cabinets-KYYP001
Product Category: aluminum wood laboratory high cabinet
Product Type: KYYP001
Cabinet size: Dimensions can be divided into long 900,1200mm, width of 500mm,
Height 1800mm or 1900mm, can be used according to different composition
Different length, height, configuration.
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product material description
1. Cabinet material: The cabinet structure is made of cold-rolled steel plate with thickness of 1.2mm. All the surfaces of the cabinet are treated by EPOXY RESIN powder electrostatic spraying, with anti-acid and alkali resistance, moisture proof, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. Body partition board by four steel plate buckle support, height can be adjusted, 13mm can move up and down, bearing 30kg.
2. Coating thickness: All steel surface by epoxy electrostatic powder coating, spraying uniformity, thickness of not less than 50μM (± 5%), strong corrosion resistance.
3. Cabinet door: the use of the glass door with the double-door style, steel 1.0mm thick cold-rolled steel plate molding, all the cabinet surface have been EPOXY RESIN powder electrostatic spraying treatment, with anti-acid, anti-chemical, Resistant, high temperature and wear-resistant; under the door for the double-layer sound insulation design, but also according to need, the choice of integrated permeable cabinet design, style, optional performance guarantee fully meet the needs of use.
4. Laminate material: the thickness of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel sheet, molding, the surface after EPOXY RESIN electrostatic powder coating treatment, with anti-acid and high temperature characteristics.
5. Feet: The high-strength ABS adjustment feet, with stainless steel screws, nylon cover, rubber base combination structure with anti-corrosion, shock and adjust the balance and other functions; height adjustment 0 ~ 30mm.
6. Hinge: DTC card, opening and closing arc ≥ 110 °, beautiful appearance, opening and closing no noise, the number of times more than 80,000 times, rust, corrosion resistance, and reach international hardware industry standards.

7. Handle: PVC concealed handles, feel rounded, resistant to weak acid.