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Experimental side units-KWBT003
Product Category: wooden steel experimental side Taiwan
Product Type: KWBT003
Our production of wooden structure of the test-bed to the wooden cabinet as the main body,
Combination of flexible, easy to clean. Multiple color options make the product compatible with
Laboratory decoration environment coordination.
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product material description
Steel frame: 60 * 40 * 1.5mm thick cold-rolled square steel, after pickling leaching anti-corrosion treatment, the epoxy resin powder spray, steel frame structure, can load 250kg;
Table: 12.7mm thick solid physical and chemical board, edge thickening to 25mm and do a small R-type polishing;
Door: E1 level 16mm thick melamine molding board, 2mm thick high-temperature hot-pressing PVC edge sealing treatment;
Cabinet: E1 level 16mm thick melamine molding board, 2mm thick PVC high-temperature hot-pressing edge water treatment; using under-care installation;
Drawer plate: the same material with the door, both sides have high-quality limit device;
Hinge: two-stage hinge (corrosion-resistant);
Slide: Three silent slides;